Backflow & Cross Connection Service Testing

Backflow assemblies allow potable water to move in only one direction to the point of delivery, preventing contaminated water from re-entering our drinking water. Periodic testing with properly-calibrated gauge equipment helps ensure they are functioning properly.

Mandatory Testing of Backflow Prevention Assemblies

Federal and state regulations require public potable water supplies to adopt rules to prevent contamination in their water systems. To comply with these requirements, Hillsborough County has adopted an ordinance regulating and enforcing backflow prevention, cross-connection control, device registration and regular testing.

The testing of backflow assemblies must be completed in accordance with the ordinance, approved standards, and performed only by certified testers who have registered with Hillsborough County.

In the event a test fails, an extension may be granted for needed repairs or replacement of the assembly. All requests for an extension must be made in writing and mailed to the Cross-Connection Control Unit.

Test Form and Certified Testers

Submit Test and Maintenance Report Form

  • By email
  • By fax: (813) 635-1612
  • By mail:
    Cross-Connection Control Unit
    Hillsborough County Public Utilities
    P.O. Box 89547
    Tampa, FL 33689-0401


For more information, please contact our Public Utilities department at (813) 272-6680.