CAB scholarship winners

College Life Made Possible for Many

59 students awarded scholarships to ease financial burden of college

When dreaming of the future, many Hillsborough County students don't dream past graduating from high school because the financial burden of post-secondary education is too great. Whether wanting to attend a technical college to learn a trade or a four-year university to receive a bachelor's degree, some see those goals as unattainable.

The annual Hillsborough County Community Action Board (CAB) Scholarship program with Hillsborough County Social Services and the Community Action Board has helped ease that burden for 59 students this year.

Students will be using up to $5,000 thanks to the CAB Scholarships to attend schools across Florida and as far away as Ohio and Missouri. No matter where they are going, the 2018 recipients are thankful for the independence the money gives them to further their education and expand their future.

"Without this scholarship, we wouldn't have a way to go to school. The financial burden of college is so immense and is why a lot of kids don't go," said Keira Denehy. "We are lucky to have the scholarship."

Keira is a returning student who has received the CAB Scholarship three consecutive times and will be graduating from Florida Atlantic University with incredible achievements - graduating early and debt free.

The process each recipient went through wasn't an easy one, though, including for returning students like Keira. At least a 2.5 GPA, a well-written essay explaining the importance of the scholarship, and lots of paperwork are just the starting points of the scholarship process. The recipients made sure that the process didn't deter their path, and advise future applicants to do the same.

Anaiya Payne is a first-time recipient but knows how the scholarship can shape your future as her brother received a CAB Scholarship last year and attended Lake Erie College in Ohio.

"Just push through it. Take it step by step, day by day," said Anaiya. "At the end, when you walk up on stage to get the certificate saying that you got the $5,000 scholarship, it will all be worth it."

The 59 students' futures range from studying criminology to become a lawyer like Keira, to studying early childhood education and psychology to assist at-risk youth like Anaiya. Over the last four years, 231 scholarships have been awarded to high school and college students, amounting to over $1 million.

Students interested in applying can find more information here.

**Student College/University

Pierre Alsint - Florida A&M University
Gabriella Badmus - Vanderbilt University
Kaylee Barker - Florida International University
Adiessa Bell - University of West Florida
Milik Bennet Spence - Florida A&M University
Armania Bostick - Clark Atlanta University
Aya Bricha - Hillsborough Community College
Tymika Brown - Hillsborough Community College
Mariah Cardi - LIM College
Dyan Celne - Florida International University
Armand Chalk - Lake Erie College
Zaid Chefchaouni - University of South Florida
Kosha Curry - University of South Florida
Brianne De la Torre - University of South Florida
Jade Delgardo - Hillsborough Community College
Keira Denehy - Florida Atlantic University
Linda Dillon - University of Florida
Mayani Donaldson - Bethune-Cookman University
Damali Dorsey - University of South Florida
Jacquez Dumas - Florida A&M University
Jadejha Edwards - University of South Florida
Armani Evans - University of South Florida
Chaelle Garcon - University of West Florida
Alana Geil - University of South Florida
Kieyuana Gloster - Bethune-Cookman University
Donte Glover - Northwest Missouri State University
Aviance Harrison - Southeastern University
Kemari Hayes - Saint Leo University
Keionne House - Hillsborough Community College
Josia Jacob - University of South Florida
Elizabeth Jimenez - Hillsborough Community College
Shiloh Khan - Saint Leo University
Tanaya Lee - Florida State University
Yves Luma - Florida State University
Arrianna Martinez - University of South Florida
Eliya McDonald - Southeastern University
Alana McFadden - Florida Gulf Coast University
Maria Morales Ferrebus - University of South Florida
Anita Morgan - University of Ozarks
Kathy Nguyen - University of Florida
Olivia Palacios-Durand - University of West Florida
Maliek Parker - University of South Florida
Anaiya Payne - Florida A&M University
Ciera Pinder - University of South Florida
Ivan Pineda - University of South Florida
Valeria Pirela - Hillsborough Community College
Tarik Polk - Florida A&M University
Catherine Purnell - Florida International University
Ruby Ramos - Florida Atlantic University
Tatiyana Rich - University of Central Florida
Adriana Ruiz Cajiga - Hillsborough Community College
Mary Sackett - Hillsborough Community College
Adis Silva - Hillsborough Community College
Aja Taylor - Saint Leo University
Alejandro Tovar - University of Central Florida
Mustafa Urfi - University of South Florida
Jousling Vazquez - University of South Florida
Elizabeth Whitt - University of South Florida - St Petersburg Campus
Alejandro Zajae - University of South Florida

Photo Information:Community Action Board Scholarships recipients receiving their certificates at the ceremony at Hillsborough Community College Ybor City Campus.


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