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Posted February 21, 2018 | 9:48 AM

Develop a Business Centered Around Your Passion

Entrepreneur Insights, with Tracy and Rob Povolny

Entrepreneurship is the key ingredient for economic and job growth. Entrepreneurs go beyond simply starting a business. They transform an innovation in products or services into a successful venture, often disrupting business norms.

For National Entrepreneurship Week, we asked local entrepreneurs and leaders engaged in supporting Hillsborough County's entrepreneurial ecosystem to share their experiences and thoughts about business and entrepreneurship.

Tracy Povolny

  • Hometown: Vero Beach
  • Profession: Fresco Foods, Inc. Co-Founder and Marketing Director
  • First Job: Retail sales
  • Favorite Hobby: Planning special events or vacations
  • Proudest Accomplishment: Graduating with Honors from the University of South Florida
  • Biggest Inspiration: My family, my sons, and successful entrepreneurs that are genuine, humble, and willing to share their insight

What excites you most about entrepreneurship? The ability to develop a business centered around your passion. Personally, healthy living is my priority, so being able to create meals that save people time and make a healthier lifestyle more attainable, is exciting.

What is the best thing about working in Hillsborough County? Starting a business in Hillsborough County allows us to give back and connect with our own community. Tampa Bay is robust, experiencing growth and development in a variety of industries. In addition, there are many County initiatives designed to foster success for startups and small businesses. We certainly have appreciated the support!

Rob Povolny

  • Hometown: Tampa for the past 18 years, but Long Island, New York before that
  • Profession: Most of my career I have been in sales leadership
  • First Job: Lifeguard and working at a grocery store
  • Favorite Hobby: Lately, just playing with Mason, our 5-year-old son
  • Proudest Accomplishment: Getting this far in the business. It feels like yesterday we were laying out what we wanted to do, and now we have raised two rounds of funding and have a state of the art facility to scale our business.
  • Biggest Inspiration: I get inspired by people that have a vision and execute on it. But our biggest motivation is our family, specifically our 5-year-old son, Mason.

What excites you most about entrepreneurship? What excites us the most about entrepreneurship is the possibilities. This business we created can become whatever we want it to be and can be bigger than we ever imagined. We are not sure exactly what it will look like and will most likely change over the years. This is what is most exciting - the possibilities and the ride along the journey.

What is the best thing about working in Hillsborough County? The best thing about working in Hillsborough County is the support and all the folks that are rooting for us. When we decided to start this company, we did not expect or imagine that people would be there to support us and help us succeed. This was such a pleasant surprise and has continued through the journey. From presenting at the second Tampa 1 Million Cups to today. We also love seeing all the other budding entrepreneurs and learning from them. We truly live in a collaborative environment.

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Photo information:Tracy and Rob Povolny turned their niche concept to manufacture fresh prepared meals that are made regionally and sold locally into Fresco Foods' industry-changing business model.


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