Things To Know
Lee Davis Resource Center
Posted October 18, 2017 | 8:32 AM

State-of-the-Art Lee Davis Community Resource Center Open

Early childhood education, congregate meals for seniors, and healthy living activities - all found at Lee Davis

Hillsborough County re-opened the state-of-the-art, newly renovated Lee Davis Community Resource Center and has added more services that residents can access right in their own neighborhood.

The center, located at 3402 N. 22nd Street, is modernized for improved functionality, safety, and cleanliness, and now houses several County department services and programs, including Aging Services, Health Care Services, Head Start, Library Services, and Social Services. Additionally, there are two on-site community partners: Derrick Brooks Charities and the Sickle Cell Association of Hillsborough County.

Head Start Program offices and classrooms. In addition to providing children with a place to develop, the Head Start Program at Lee Davis will also offer services to the entire family unit and the community at large.

Health Care Services' Healthy Living Center. The center will offer County Health Care Plan members preventative health care services, including exercise equipment and a group fitness room, wellness classrooms, and nutrition and exercise programs.

Library Services' Public Computer Lab. Library staff will be on site to help residents access the internet, use Microsoft Office programs, and print, scan, and copy documents.

Aging Services' Lee Davis Senior Center. This senior center will offer congregate meals for seniors 60 years of age and older, as well as programming focused on seniors' wellness.

Social Services case management and stabilization services. This includes basic living needs, housing, education, and training.

Queen R. Miller Suite. While chair of the Lee Davis Health Consumer Council in the 1970s, Ms. Queen R. Miller's advocacy and work with local government and members of the business community led to the creation of the Lee Davis Community Resource Center. The suite will be a space for community members to gather and hold meetings.

The $2.8 million renovation began in March 2016 and was completed this summer.