Economic Development
Posted September 28, 2017 | 3:20 PM

5 Ways Economic Development Works for Hillsborough County

  1. In 2016, more than $46 million in County services was awarded to local small and minority businesses, encouraging local business development and growth that helps sustain a healthy local economy and jobs.

  2. Delivers a full range of professional services and resources to assist businesses at all stages, supporting startup exploration, and boosting growth of local businesses that enables reinvestment in the community and the creation of jobs.

  3. Helps transitioning military personnel acquire skills, knowledge, and employment in the growing Florida agriculture industry.

  4. Prepares residents for high-skilled careers, and fuels the growth and longevity of our manufacturing sector by assisting local businesses to cultivate the next generation of workers and leaders.

  5. Encourages private sector investment in sites and buildings that will promote retention and attraction of businesses and jobs for our community.

Photo information:Economic Development staff connect with local small business leaders at Hillsborough County's annual Open Doors Forum.