DM/DWBE & SBE Advisory Committee

The purpose of the DM/DWBE & SBE (Disadvantaged Minority/Disadvantaged Women Business Enterprise and Small Business Enterprise) Advisory Committee is to provide the feedback of Minority contractors, Women contractors, non-Minority contractors, small business contractors and citizens at large to the County about  ways to enhance the Economic Development Department DM/DWBE & SBE Program.


Members are appointed by the County Administrator. The Committee consists of nine members which include:

  • Hillsborough County Certified Minority contractors/Firms (3)
  • Non-Minority Contractors (3)
  • Citizens-at-large (3)
  • Alternates (2)


Each term for a member is two years.


The Committee meets at least quarterly. All meetings begin at Noon. Meeting Location: Entrepreneur Collaborative Center, Conference Room CR2, 2101 E. Palm Ave. Tampa FL, 33605


Rita Sauri
Phone: (813) 307-8309


Member Company Category  Appointment Date
Mr. Larry Davis - Chairman Community Business Solutions Certified Minority Contractors/Firms  10/12/2010
Mr. Jack Neu Nielson - Vice Chair Wojtowicz & Neu Bonds Citizens/Businesses-at-Large  10/12/2010
Mr. Joshua Todd  Christensen Suffolk Construction  Non-Minority Contractors or Vendors  01/03/2018 
Ms. Marleen Geyen Geyen Group South Inc. Certified Minority Contractors/Firms  04/01/2015
Mr. Thomas Huggins Ariel Business Group, Inc. Certified Minority Contractors/Firms  06/10/2013
Ms. Atricia James-Heard  A Right Way Credit Counseling  Citizens/Businesses-at-Large   01/03/2018 
Mr. Kerrick Williams Kerrick Williams Photography LLC Citizens/Businesses-at-Large 03/01/2017
Mr. Tom Woodward David Nelson Construction Co. Non-Minority Contractors or vendors  10/12/2010
Mr. John Zemina Kimmins Construction Corp. Non-Minority Contractors or vendors  07/18/2016