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The Development Services Department reviews text amendments to the Land Development Code periodically. Land Development Code Amendments are considered by the Board of County Commissioners in public hearings.

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Land Development Code (LDC) 18-0370 Text Amendment to LDC PART 5.04.00 PLANNED VILLAGE

(The Comprehensive Plan Amendment and companion Land Development Code Amendment were continued to October1 Round of Comprehensive Plan Amendments. A new Meeting Schedule will be posted when available.)


LDC 18-0370 is a privately initiated Land Development Code text amendment that proposes to introduce a Community Quality Enhancement Option into the existing Planned Village regulations found in LDC Part 5.04.00, which implement the Planned Villages policies of the Comprehensive Plan for properties designated Residential Planned -2 (RP-2) in the Future Land Use Element.

This LDC text amendment will be reviewed and processed together with a companion Comprehensive Plan Amendment (CPA) 17-21. The companion CPA proposes to revise the RP-2 land use category to allow for three (3) dwelling units per acre if additional quality enhancement options are met. The current maximum density of the RP-2 category is two (2) dwelling units per acre.

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Land Development Code (LDC) 18-0940 Text Amendment to LDC Section 5.03.07, Section 6.11.07, and Section 11.03.06


The purpose of the proposed amendment is to promote affordable housing opportunities by streamlining zoning review requirements for the redevelopment of existing mobile home parks in the Urban Service Area, including those with lawful densities which exceed the densities permitted by the Comprehensive Plan, with affordable housing projects. This amendment was directed by the Board of County Commissioners.

This LDC 18-0940 text amendment will be reviewed and processed together with a companion Comprehensive Plan Amendment CPA 18-08.

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Applying for a Land Development Code (LDC) Amendment

Amendments are initiated by submitting a text amendment application. If the amendment is initiated by an individual or entity outside the county, they must first attend a mandatory application pre-submittal conference and then submit the application and pay the fee by appointment. To schedule an appointment to submit a completed application contact the Zoning Counseling Center by phone at (813) 272-5600.

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