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Solid Waste Related Services

The County’s Solid Waste Management System is a completely integrated operation that includes the collection, transportation and disposal of all the solid waste generated or brought into the system.

Hillsborough County partners with three private companies to provide curbside residential and commercial collection service. Also, both commercial and residential waste can be disposed of at the Southeast County Landfill (non-burnable waste), two Transfer Stations and three Yard Waste Processing Centers. Residents have access to four Community Collection Centers and three Household Hazardous Waste Collection sites, all conveniently located throughout Hillsborough County.

What type of solid waste can I dispose of at Hillsborough County facilities?

Hillsborough County provides for the environmentally-friendly disposal of many items that are not accepted curbside. To learn what is accepted at our facilities and where they are located click here or download the Solid Waste Disposal Guide.

How do Itwo-carts.jpg find my service provider?

Hillsborough County is divided into five residential solid waste collection districts. Each district is served by one of the three companies contracted by the County. Click here to find the service provider for your area.

Reporting Garbage or Recycling Issues

Did You Know?

Most of the County's garbage makes electricity!
Resource Recovery Facility
The cornerstone of the system is the Resource Recovery Facility, which offers a sustainability option to waste disposal through the incineration of all processable (burnable) waste that is used to produce electricity. This electricity is sold internally to power Public Utilities facilities and sold externally to electric utility operations.

The County's Resource Recovery Facility burns approximately 562,000 tons of garbage annually, generating 293,970,000 kilowatt-hours of energy - enough to power approximately 26,000 homes.

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