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Health Care Advisory Board

This Board improves accessibility and efficiency of care for medically poor residents of Hillsborough County through recommendations to the Board of County Commissioners for fund allocation, coordination, planning, and monitoring of health care delivery systems.

The membership of this Board shall be appointed by the BOCC and shall be comprised of 17 members.  Composition is specified as follows:

  • 1 USF College of Medicine representative
  • 1 USF College of Public Health representative
  • 1 Hillsborough County Medical Association representative
  • 1 Health care business or professional representative
  • 1 Mental health care provider
  • 1 Community health care provider who is not a physician
  • 1 Hillsborough County School Board representative
  • 1 Health insurance industry representative
  • 1 Person who represents the non-healthcare business community
  • 1 Network provider hospital representative
  • 1 Consumer non-profit organization representative
  • 4 At-large representatives
  • 2 Persons who at the time of appointment or any subsequent reappointment, are participants in the Hillsborough County Indigent Health Care Plan

Members shall serve four year terms.

BOCC Resolution 99-176, 00-059, and 00-140.

Monthly, 3rd Thursday, 3:00 p.m.
26th Floor, County Center
601 E. Kennedy Blvd
Tampa, FL 33602

Member Position Dates of Service
Mr. Patrick Cannon Consumer Non-Profit Organization Representative   9/08/2011-
Dr. John Curran  University of South Florida College of Medicine   6/20/1990-
Mr. Kaan Engin
 Participant in the Hillsborough County
Indigent Health Care Plan
  2/19/2014 -
Ms. Edi Erb  At-Large Representative   1/22/2003-
Mr. Anthony Escobio Network Provider Hospital Representative 12/17/2008 -
Mr. Steve Freedman At-Large Representative 4/01/2007 -
Dr. Donna Petersen University of South Florida College of Public Health  2/07/2007 -
Mr. Jeremy Reimer  At-Large Representative 11/06/2013 -
Dr. Maria Russ Hillsborough County School Board Representative 12/17/2008 -
Mr. Patrick Ryan Health Care Business or Professional Representative  6/03/2010 -
Mr. Michael Steinberg Non-Healthcare Business Community Representative  7/18/2012 -
Ms. Roaya Tyson Mental Health Care Provider  10/05/2011 -
Dr. Elizabeth Warner  Hillsborough County Medical Association  6/03/2010 -
Dr. Jason Wilson At-Large Representative  9/08/2011 -
 Mr. Vincent Ferlita
  Health Insurance Industry Rep.
- Community Health Care Provider Who is Not a Physician  -
- Participant in the Hillsborough County Indigent Health Care Plan -


Contact Information
Gene Earley
Division Director

Health Care Services
25th Floor, County Center
601 E. Kennedy Blvd.
Tampa, FL 33602