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Code Enforcement

  1. Code Enforcement - Complaint Form

    Thank you for your participation in the Code Enforcement process. All reports will be responded to within three (3) working days. To... More…

Email Forms

  1. ADA Liaison General Contact Form

    Contact ADA Liaison

  2. Code Enforcement General Contact Form

    Contact Code Enforcement

  3. Community Calendar Event Submission
  4. Corporate Business Development General Contact Form

    Contact Corporate Business Development

  5. Department of Veterans Affairs Email

    Contact Us email form for the Department of Veterans Affairs

  6. Equal Opportunity Administrator General Contact Form

    Contact the Equal Opportunity Administrator

  7. Health Care Services General Contact Form

    Contact Health Care Services Development

  8. Human Resources General Contact Form

    Contact the Human Resources department

  9. Natural Hazard Planning
  10. Public Transportation Commission General Contact Form

    Contact the Hillsborough County Public Transportation Commission

  11. Space Request / Reconfiguration Form
  1. Civil Service General Contact Form

    Contact Hillsborough County Civil Service

  2. Communications General Contact Form

    Contact the Communications Department

  3. Consumer Protection General Contact Form

    Contact Consumer Protection

  4. County Administration General Contact Form

    Contact form for the Hillsborough County Administrator and Administration Staff

  5. EDI2 General Contact Form

    Contact Economic Development Innovation Initiative (EDI2)

  6. Head Start General Contact Form

    Contact Head Start

  7. HTV General Contact Form

    Contact HTV, Hillsborough County's Television Station.

  8. Human Resources General Contact Form

    Contact the Humar Resources department

  9. Neighborhood Relations General Contact Form

    Contact Neighborhood Relations

  10. Real Estate General Contact Form

    Contact the Real Estate Department about Right of Way Management, County Surplus Property and Vacating Petitions issues

  11. Space Request / Reconfiguration Form (Non-Profit)

Specialty Forms

  1. 2015 YEA! Award Nomination Form

    2015 YEA! Award Nomination Form

  2. Artist Registry

    Artists may submit their resume and up to four images of their work to be considered for future opportunities to create Public Art for... More…

  3. Call for Artists and Artist, Architecture Teams

    Project: Hillsborough County 9.11 Memorial Monument

  4. Comment on PUD / PW Technical Publications

    Hillsborough County Public Works and Public Utilities departments welcome any comments or suggestions for changes to their engineering... More…

  5. Consumer Protection Agency - Consumer Complaint Form

    To ensure that we are able to act upon your complaint as quickly as possible, please make sure that you complete this form in its... More…

  6. County Website Comment & Feedback Form

    Submit comments, suggestions, questions or general feedback concerning the County's Website.

  7. Hillsborough County Office of Neighborhood Relations New Association Form

    This online form allows new HOA's to register with the Office of Neighborhood Relations

  8. Hillsborough County Public Utilities Department Cross Connection Control Unit
  9. Land Development Code Amendments Comment Form
  10. Locksmith Services Businesses Complaint Form

    A form for reporting activities in regards to locksmith services businesses in Hillsborough County. This form can be used to report... More…

  11. Online Shelter Rental Request Form

    Request to reserve park shelters.

  12. Public Comment Form
  13. Public Transportation Commission Complaint Form - Spanish

    Public Transportation Commission Complaint Form - Spanish

  14. Report Downed Trees, Branches or Storm Debris

    Report Downed Trees, Tree Branches or Debris blocking County Roads, Right-of-way, Sidewalks or Drainage Systems.

  15. Request a Video from HTV

    Request a copy of an HTV program or meeting

  16. Sponsorship Application
  1. Affordable Housing Services Interested Parties List

    Provides Affordable Housing Services Request for Proposals, Notifications, Events and Actions. Interested parties must provide their... More…

  2. Assessment Payoff Request Form

    Paying off an assessment in advance is optional. The assessment payment is billed annually over a 20 year period as a non ad-valorem... More…

  3. Caregiver Heart & Soul Online Application Form

    Caregiver Heart & Soul Online Application Form

  4. Construction Fraud Reporting Form
  5. Consumer Protection Agency - Synthetic Drug Reporting From

    A form for the reporting of activities relating to the sale, manufacture, distribution, or production of synthetic drugs in... More…

  6. Emergency Management Planning Criteria Form - Adult Day Care Facilities
  7. HIllsborough County Public Utilities Backflow Tester Certification Information Form
  8. Hillsborough Grown Directory Application
  9. Little Manatee South - Public Comment Form
  10. Neighborhood Recognition Award Application
  11. Open Doors Forum 2015

    This is a business networking event. Attendees will meet prime contractors with the goal of forming new partnering relationships on... More…

  12. Public Transportation Commission Complaint Form

    Public Transportation Commission Complaint Form

  13. Public Utilities Lien Inquiry Form

    To inquire about a lien filed by the Public Utilities Department

  14. Report Storm-Related Flooding / Drainage Problems

    Report flooding and/or drainage issues relating to County maintained property, streets, drainage ditches and stormwater ponds.

  15. Solid Waste Management Division Special Waste Profile Form