Water Quality

Together with Tampa Bay Water, the region’s wholesale water supplier, we routinely monitor for contaminants and provide annual water quality reports to our customers.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires monitoring for more than 80 drinking water contaminants, which are included in annual water quality reports if they are detected. Some of the data in the reports is more than a year old, because the concentrations of some contaminants are not expected to vary significantly from year to year.


Which Is My Water System?

We operate 11 public water systems, and each system has its own report. Use the interactive map above to determine which report is for your area. To see the report, click on the name of the system below.

Additional Reports

Prefer A Mailed Report?

If you want a report mailed to you or you need more information, call (813) 246-3146 (TTY: 301-7173). Leave a detailed message with your name, mailing address, ZIP code, phone number, and which system report you would like.

Water Quality Concerns

If you are not satisfied with the quality of drinking water, or have a question about drinking water, call the Water Quality Hotline at (813) 264-3835 or file a report.