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Chain-saw Deputies

Training Exercise Cuts Both Ways

Deputies practice to use chain saws in emergencies by keeping trails clear in County preserves

It's a mutually beneficial relationship for Hillsborough County sheriff's deputies and nature preserve managers.

Deputies must know how to use chain saws in emergencies, such as a fallen tree pinning a motorist inside a car after a crash, or a major storm knocking trunks or limbs onto a roadway. Conservation & Environmental Lands Management officials, meanwhile, need to clear brush and branches from trails at County nature preserves.

Thus, an advantageous relationship. Dozens of deputies, working with land managers, have perfected their chain-saw operating skills by clearing wooded County trails. Sheriff's leaders are grateful for the training opportunity. The land managers, with small staffs and lots of acreage to maintain, welcome the help.

An added benefit: The additional law enforcement presence improves public safety in County nature preserves.

Photo information: Deputies clear trees and brush off trails at Rhodine Scrub Nature Preserve.

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