Staying Mobile on County Lands

Things to Know When Visiting Parks and Conservation Land with Other Power-Driven Mobility Devices

Advances in technology have given rise to new devices, such as Segways, that some people with disabilities use to get around. These devices are called other power-driven mobility devices (OPDMD).

OPDMD is defined as any mobility device powered by batteries, fuel, or other engines that is used by individuals with mobility disabilities for the purpose of locomotion, including golf carts, electronic personal assistance mobility devices such as the Segway, or any mobility device designed to operate in areas without defined pedestrian routes, but is not a wheelchair.

These are wonderful tools, but beware of the limitations below before heading out to the park:

  • Hiking-only trails are for pedestrians only and do not allow OPDMD.
  • OPDMD will be allowed on paved trails with a restricted speed limit.
  • Paved trails are not designed for OPDMD greater than 2 feet wide.
  • Trails located on environmentally sensitive lands are off-limits to OPDMD to protect threatened and endangered species.
  • Equestrian trails do not allow OPDMD to protect the safety of riders and horses.
  • Single-track mountain bike trails have a soft and sandy surface, so it may be hard to maneuver OPDMD on these trails.
  • Have a valid, state-issued disability parking placard or card, or other state-issued proof of disability.

If deciding whether your type of OPDMD can be accommodated or to obtain the rules for operation of such devices on County parks and conservation land, refer to the Americans with Disabilities Act or contact the Hillsborough County ADA Liaison at (813) 276-8401.


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