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Spring Break 2

Put Some Fun into Spring Break

Hillsborough County has exciting venues and activities

Still looking for something for your children or teens to do during spring break?

Hillsborough County's public schools are closed the week of March 13-17. What's your plan?

Here are five possibilities:

  1. Register for Spring Break - Parks & Recreation provides a safe, fun, supervised environment for children and teens at recreation centers. The cost? Just $38 for the entire week.

  2. Take an excursion to the Manatee Viewing Center near Apollo Beach. There's plenty to see, including the Center's namesake annual guests, casually lurking in a discharge canal next to a Tampa Electric Co. power plant.

  3. Hit the beach! Fresh air and sunshine will rejuvenate students after long days in the classroom. Hillsborough County recently refurbished its beach at Apollo Beach, spreading 11,000 cubic yards of sand, installing breakwaters, and sculpting dunes on 2 acres at the north end of Surfside Boulevard.

  4. The annual strawberry harvest is coming to an end, and U-Pick operations are underway at some farms in eastern Hillsborough County. Gathering the luscious red berries is almost as enjoyable as eating them.

  5. The Hillsborough County Public Library Cooperative has lots of activities for children and teens, ranging from daily story times to video games on a large screen to programming a robot. Check the events calendar for sessions at the library branch near you.

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