Economic Collaborative Center

A Different Approach to Work

Entrepreneurship offers self-directed success

Entrepreneurs dare to blow up the traditional path to financial success.

Rather than developing an area of expertise, signing on with a company, and working their way up the ladder, an entrepreneur favors doing what they love, anticipating change, and grabbing opportunities as they arise.

"The ability to adapt to an ever-changing landscape, notice when things are becoming outdated, and take chances on new opportunities can provide success no matter the occupation," proclaims the National Consortium for Entrepreneurship Education.

Advocates say success begins with developing an entrepreneurial mindset, one that can be introduced as early as elementary school. But it's never too late to start thinking like an entrepreneur.

Opportunities to develop your entrepreneurial dream abound at Hillsborough County's Entrepreneur Collaborative Center at 2101 E. Palm Ave. in Ybor City and elsewhere in the county through robust partnerships with nonprofits, educational institutions, private businesses, and incubators and accelerators.

For details on upcoming training and events, visit the County Calendar and select "Business Events."

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