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Drop Savers
Posted February 13, 2017 | 4:08 PM

Students Make Splash with Poster Contest

Competition aims to ensure children and teens appreciate the critical value of water

Water matters.

That's the underlying theme of a contest in which students throughout Hillsborough County public schools create posters depicting a water conservation idea - with a slogan, illustration, or both - focusing on the significance of water and the need to use it wisely.

This year's "Drop Savers" competition began in early January. Participating students must submit their work to school contest coordinators by March 7. Posters will be grouped in five categories:

  • Division 1: Kindergarten and First Grade
  • Division 2: Second and Third Grades
  • Division 3: Fourth and Fifth Grades
  • Division 4: Middle School (Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth Grades)
  • Division 5: High School (Ninth, 10th, 11th, and 12th Grades

Students must work individually, and may use crayons, paint, color pencils, or markers. Only original artwork is allowed - no trademarked or copyrighted materials. A panel of judges will review winning posters from each school for message, creativity, and originality.

There will be countywide winners - first-place, second-place, third-place, and runner-up - in each division.

Enter the Drop Savers Poster Contest

The winning students' schools will receive bottle-filling water stations, and 100 reusable water bottles. The bottle-filling stations save money because students don't need to buy single-use bottles of water, and the stations help the environment by eliminating those no-longer-needed plastic bottles from the waste stream.

Winning posters will appear on and Winners' posters will be submitted in the American Water Works Association's Florida Section competition, with more prizes and statewide recognition on the line.

This is the third year Hillsborough County Public Utilities has participated in the Drop Savers competition, and the second year it has done so in partnership with City of Tampa Water Department.

The goal is for children and teens to grasp the importance of taking care of the area's water resources. Convince young people that conservation is the best way to deter water shortages, the reasoning goes, and others will follow suit.

Photo Information: Hillsborough County winners of the Drop Savers poster contest will receive bottle-filling water stations for their schools. Marisa Stratton’s “Save Water, Save Earth” poster, right, won Hillsborough County and statewide honors in 2015.

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