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Step Up to the New Year

Resolve to check out opportunities in Hillsborough County

On the cusp of 2017, many Hillsborough County residents are seeking ways to better themselves and the lives of those around them.

Want to lose weight and exercise more? Eager to get your finances in order, or learn skills that will catch the eyes of potential employers? Looking to help others?

Hillsborough County Government has programs, classes, and events that can help you come up with worthy resolutions for the New Year, and stick with them.

Here are some ideas, with corresponding links:

  • Getting in shape might be the most common New Year’s Day resolution. Hillsborough County’s Extension Service has classes in choosing and preparing diets, and Parks & Recreation offers programs, facilities, and events, such as the Hiking Spree that will help you improve stamina and build muscles.
  • Learning a new skill or improving your general knowledge can be fun and fulfilling. Get a library card and check out offerings online or at any of the County’s 26 libraries. Visit an art center, take a class, or look for public art throughout unincorporated Hillsborough County. Find more worthwhile endeavors in Hillsborough County.
  • Help our four-legged friends find homes, restore natural habitat, or spend time with a lonely child or senior. There are many opportunities to volunteer for worthwhile endeavors in Hillsborough County.
  • Making friends is a way to ensure the New Year will be memorable and fun. Senior Centers are great places for people age 50 and older to meet and enjoy activities together. Join a softball team, either as a “free agent” or with a group, or gather with others to learn how to line dance.

Most opportunities are free for Hillsborough County residents. There are modest fees for a few activities, such as the annual charge for fielding a softball team.

Studies show most people don’t keep their New Year resolutions. Those who do usually have a specific plan or goals — something quantifiable. Joining a group, taking a class, or reading a certain number of books is measurable. Hillsborough County can provide such opportunities and many more, and put you on a path to fulfilling your resolution.

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