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Posted December 27, 2016 | 2:49 PM

Hillsborough County Teen Leaders Set Big Goals for 2017

The Hillsborough County Youth Leadership Council recently met to review its accomplishments and look to the future

Students who belong to the Hillsborough County Youth Leadership Council (HCYLC) want the group to increase its membership and its influence in its third year.

The organization of 22 students from seven mostly North County high schools recently wrapped up the year with a brainstorming session. The students gathered at Country Place Recreation Center, 15728 Country Lake Drive, to speak about what they might do in 2017.

The consensus: Expand the group's membership to more Hillsborough County high schools, and continue to have a positive effect on academic programs and instruction.

"We should have a larger number of students here," said Thomas Mayer, a Sickles High School junior who has been a HCYLC member for more than a year.

Another member, Himan de Silva, a King High School senior, said he would like to see the group expand and "get more organized."

The students discussed possible goals for the coming year:

  • Grow the Great American Teach-In, held one day each November in Tampa Bay area schools, and tailor it to meet the interests of students. Generally, adults speak about their occupations or hobbies, and tell students how education helped them along the way. Youth Leadership Council members would give giving students a choice of sessions to attend, and perhaps hold an assembly at which three or four presenters could speak.
  • Provide student feedback to teachers. Nobody knows teachers as well as their young charges, and students can offer unique perspectives and insights, group members said.

The HCYLC began as a pilot program in 2015, and is concluding its first full year as a fixture of Hillsborough County Schools. The idea is for the group to be a powerful voice for students and, as Steinbrenner High School junior Hannah Diskin said, identify problems and look for solutions.

In March, the group travelled to Tallahassee to see the Florida House and Senate in session. While in the state capital, members also participated in mock trials at the Florida Supreme Court.
They attended an anti-bullying roundtable in April, and discussed the group's mission on a local television program in July.

Members are encouraged to improve their leadership skills, and to follow actions taken by Hillsborough County Commissioners - particularly those affecting teens and young adults. In October, the Commission congratulated the Youth Leadership Council for its participation in the 13th Annual Neighborhoods Conference in July, and for its members' "dedication to uplifting young people such as yourselves."

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Photo Information: Youth Leadership Council members display their unique perceptions of the same scene at a team-building exercise in January. The idea was to show how people can view the same situation differently.

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