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Posted January 10, 2017 | 11:27 AM

Jackson Springs Community Center Something For Everyone

A new building, and upgrades to an existing one, give the neighborhood a focal point

Town 'N Country residents responded enthusiastically when Hillsborough County officials asked what they would like to see at the recreation complex on Jackson Springs Road.

Their emphatic answer: Something for everyone.

And that's what they got. A little more than one year and $2.2 million later, authorities and residents gathered on Nov. 21 to formally dedicate Jackson Springs Community Center, a partly-new, completely reimagined complex with amenities and activities for all ages.

"We now have the most wonderful, versatile, community center in Hillsborough County," says Edith Traina, 95, a Town 'N Country resident and longtime proponent of exercise for good health. "Notice the unusual amount of thought that was put into its design and construction."

Speaking at the ribbon-cutting ceremony, she glances around the complex and mentions a few of its amenities. There's a skate park "for young people willing to bump themselves all over that cement," a dance studio with a wooden floor - "Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire would be drooling over it" - a special playground swing that simultaneously accommodates a parent and a young child, and a gymnasium where teens can play basketball and disabled Veterans can compete in wheelchair rugby.

There also are community meeting rooms, an outdoor basketball court and multipurpose field, a lounge where skateboarders can brag about their newest tricks, and a weight room that puts many fitness centers to shame.

"This is something we've needed for so long. It's wonderful," says Sharon Tischer Cooper, president of Town 'N Country Park Civic Association and Town 'N Country Garden Circle. "There was no facility like this anywhere in the area. It brought everything together."

Photo Information: Teens ride a ramp at the skateboarding park at Jackson Springs Community Center.

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