Commission on the Status of Women
Posted August 26, 2016 | 3:35 PM

Panel Promotes Causes Important to Women

Board facilitates Women's Hall of Fame

The Commission on the Status of Women is charged with advising the Board of County Commissioners on matters such as discrimination, education, inequitable employment, day care, and health care. COSW accepts annual nominations for the Hillsborough County Women's Hall of Fame which recognizes women who made significant contributions to the improvement of County residents' lives. The honorees' names are placed on a plaque at the Tampa Convention Center. Among other initiatives, the 15-member Commission advocates for causes beneficial to women. Recently the board has taken a stand for equal pay regardless of gender. Learn more about the Commission on the Status of Women.

Photo Information: The Women's Hall of Fame's 2016 inductees, Betty Reed (center, red dress) and Lee Bird Leavengood (center, green blouse), are honored by County officials.

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