Solid Waste Curbside Tips photo

5 Steps for Using Your Curbside Roll Carts

Wondering what goes in which bin? We can help.
Weekly residential curbside collection service includes two garbage pickups, one recycling collection, and one yard waste collection. Yard waste is collected manually at curbside in containers provided by residents, or in bundles and bags.

For trash and recycling:

  1. Fill the GRAY cart with garbage and the BLUE cart with recyclables.
  2. Everything must fit inside the carts in order to be collected.
  3. Tilt the carts and roll them to the curb by 6 a.m. on collection days.
  4. Follow the 3-foot rule: Keep the carts at least 3 feet away from other carts, mailboxes, cars, trees, shrubs, fire hydrants, and utility poles.
  5. Look for the arrows on each cart lid. Place carts curbside with the arrows pointing toward the street.

Find your service provider information and collection days by using the Solid Waste Information Viewer. Contact your service provider to report missed collections, arrange for a bulk pickup, report damaged or missing carts, and arrange for any other collection service needs.