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 A variety of picnic shelters and meeting rooms are available at County Parks & Recreation Centers. Reservations can be completed online.


Picnic Shelter Rental Prices

Size Capacity Daily Fee *
Small 30 $42.80
Medium 31-60 $74.90
Large 61-150 $133.75
Extra Large 150 $240.76

*Fee includes sales tax.

Meeting Room Rental Prices

Facility Type Building Fee Staff Fee* Total Fee**
S Capacity 0-100 $40 Per Hour $40 Per Hour $85.60 Per Hour
M Capacity 101-150 $45 Per Hour $40 Per Hour $90.95 Per Hour
L Capacity 151-250 $50 Per Hour $40 Per Hour $96.30 Per Hour
XL Capacity 251-up $100 Per Hour $40 Per Hour $149.80 Per Hour

* Rooms rented at staffed conservation parks do not have any staff fees

**Fee includes sales tax.

How To

1. Create your log-in and profile here.

2. Select a date, time, location and type of rental needed.

3. Complete reservation and pay.

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