Rocky Creek Wastewater Expansion


In response to a community request for a wastewater collection system, Hillsborough County Public Utilities is considering the feasibility of a pilot project, designed using a vacuum sewer system to serve the residents along Rocky Creek Drive.

The project includes the installation of a vacuum station, vacuum and pressure pipelines, and valve pits with air terminals that serve 2-4 houses each.  If residents decide to abandon their septic tanks and connect to the County’s system, they will need to connect their gravity service line to the provided valve pit gravity stub-out.

Under the current proposal, the County would pay for the installation of the vacuum sewer system and provide connections to the system for each property. Residents would be responsible for paying for their individual gravity service line installation on their property and connection to the provided valve pit gravity line stub-out.

Cost & Funding

The total cost of the proposed project is to be determined. The project would be funded through the Capital Improvement Program.


  • The County is currently in the process of acquiring property for the siting of a vacuum station for the system.  Additional information will be forthcoming when this milestone is accomplished and as the project progresses.
  • A public meeting will be scheduled once design for the pilot program is complete


  • Hillsborough County Customer Service – (813) 272-5275
  • Project Manager – Brian J. Lewis, Hillsborough County Public Utilities (813) 612-7759

Public Meetings

A list of all public meetings, past and future, concerning the project:

Additional Information