Coppertree Forcemain Replacement


Hillsborough County Public Utilities will retire a 40-year old wastewater forcemain with new forcemains along Kings Avenue and Coppertree. The new forcemains will protect against any environmental impacts to Alafia River wetland basin, offer more reliable wastewater collection service, and easier access for wastewater maintenance.

Where will construction be?

Public Utilities will install 1,400 linear feet of 4” forcemain starting at Coppertree pump station and running East towards South Kings Avenue. 600 linear feet of 6” foremain will continue along South Kings Avenue.

There will be 4” pipes 3-5 feet deep (as a new route) along Coppertree as a directional bore.

The existing retired wastewater forcemain will be permanently sealed to prevent any possible environmental impacts.

Why is this project important?

  • The existing 4-inch wastewater forcemain is over 40 years old and is in close proximity to the Alafia River wetland basin.
  • To avoid sanitary sewer overflow in the wetland area (environmental impacts)
  • More reliable wastewater collection service
  • Easier access for wastewater collection system maintenance

What to Expect

Before construction

  • The design engineer and the construction manager will closely collaborate on all aspects of the project to ensure the best construction solutions and the least community impact
  • Two weeks before construction, Hillsborough County Public Utilities will place door hangers to inform citizens when the project will start (see door hanger text on last page of document)

During construction

  • Construction will generally take place on weekdays between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m.
  • Construction will occur in front of homes, along sidewalks and within right-of-ways
  • Residents should expect some temporary road or lane closures. All detours and closures will be clearly marked and flagmen will help direct traffic, if necessary
  • Access to residences will be maintained throughout construction
  • Utilities will not be effected during construction of this project
  • All areas affected by construction will be restored to pre-construction condition

Cost & Funding

  • This project is part of the Countywide Wastewater Forcemain R&R Master CIP Project 10171 and is estimated to cost $177,096K. This project is being funded through the Hillsborough County Public Utilities’ Water Enterprise Capital Improvement Program (CIP).


  • Construction is expected to start early to mid-September
  • Construction will continue until fall 2017


  • Customer Service & Support: (813) 272-5275
  • Project Manager – Jayesh Bhatt, Hillsborough County Public Utilities, (813) 209-3032
  • Project Supervisor Manager – Jim Hunsberger, Hillsborough County Public Utilities (813) 209-3050
  • After Hours Emergencies – Hillsborough County Public Utilities, (813) 744-5600