Plans and Permit Information (PGM) Store

The Development Department’s online document management system is known as the “PGM Store.” Here you can search for plans, applications and permit files.

How do I get in the system? 

You must use a User I.D. to log in:

  • Userid: public
  • Password: public

 What do I need to know before I use the PGM Store?

  • Turn pop-up blockers off before entering the PGM store login page
  • Recommended Minimum Configuration for Optimal Performance:
    • Windows Hardware: Pentium 800 MHz, 256 MB RAM 
    • Operating System: Windows XP 
    • Browsers: Internet Explorer 6 or greater 

Where can I learn more on how to use the PGM Store?

Download a tutorial on how to use the PGM Store, or contact Patrick Murray.


Enter the PGM Store