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Hillsborough County is growing technology and innovation start-ups, jobs, and private investment by strengthening the services and resources that directly support entrepreneurs through our Economic Development Innovation Initiative (EDI2).The purpose of the Economic Development Innovation Initiative (EDI2) program is to grow technology and innovation start-ups, jobs and private investment in Hillsborough County through the strengthening of services and resources that directly support entrepreneurs. The program provides up to $500,000 annually in competitive grants, with an emphasis on developing high-quality mentorship and support, and access to capital.

Visit the EDI2 program page for further information.


 Download the complete eligibility requirements

Here are some of the main requirements:

  • The project must be located in Hillsborough County (incorporated or unincorporated)
  • All projects must be open to the public, and may or may not be ticketed
  • For-profit or non-profit entities may apply for funding support
  • Applicant may not be a federal, state, or local government, or other public body, agency, department, instrumentality, political subdivision, municipality, or district thereof
  •  The project must leverage private sector dollars in terms of financing, expertise and networking; demonstrating a collaborative and synergistic approach
    • Program Funds shall not be the sole source of funds
  • The applicant must demonstrate that funding is necessary to complete the project
  • The applicant may not seek funding for a project that the applicant is able to fully fund from other sources
  • Applications must demonstrate that the total Project budget will be covered by all projected funding sources

How To

  1. Download the the EDI2 Application and Instructions on How to Apply.
  2. Submit completed application, including attachments and collateral/marketing materials together
    • We will not accept documents submitted separately 
    • Submit the application in paper or digital format
    • Save in PDF format with a table of contents
    • You also must submit one hard copy of the application

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