MBE/SBE Spending Report Card

The following data shows Hillsborough County’s minority and small business utilization over the last five years. The graphs show trends in construction, CCNA and PCard spending, the areas where our certified minority and small businesses do most of their business, and in spending by vendor group over time. The charts at the end show trends in SBE set-aside contracts over the last three years and MBE/SBE certified forms over the last two years.

For more information, email Theresa Kempa, Manager, MBE & SBE Programs or call (813) 276-2729.

Total MBE Spent

Total MBE Subcontracting Spend

Construction Spending

CCNA Spending

PCard Spending

Construction Spending by Group

CCNA Spending by Group

PCard Spending by Group

SBE Set-Asides Contracts

Year Number Amount
FY13 12 $2,198,621
FY14 9 $1,850,766
FY15 8 $2,084,960
FY16 12 $1,340,046

New Certification and Registrations

Year New MBE Certifications New SBE Registrations
FY14 86 63
FY15 109 100
FY16 180 151